Low Price Articles Affiliate Program

Want to make some extra cash each month? Sure you do! Let’s face it… Everyone would love to have some extra money in their pocket. Whether it be to lease a new car, help pay off your outstanding bills or go out to eat more often. Those few extra bucks in your pocket each month can go a long way.

Well… We’ve got some great news for you. LowPriceArticles.com has introduced a new affiliate program with an amazing commission structure to help you achieve the passive income you desire!

Low Price Articles-Affiliate-Program

Here are the details:

  • 10% Commission on the Total Sale amount of a new referral order.
  • LIFETIME COMMISSIONS – You will receive a 5% residual commission for every referral you send our way for the lifetime of that client! This means the referral can place their second order 1 year after the first purchase and you’ll still make the 5% commission!
  • 30 Day Cookie – If your referral leaves without making a purchase on their first visit, you will still receive a commission if they come back and make a purchase within the 30-day window.
  • We pay our affiliates twice per month. On the 16th and last day of the month (must have a $50 balance).
  • All payments are made through PayPal. You must have a valid PayPal account to become a Low Price Articles Affiliate.
  • Full Affiliate Dashboard for you to track Statistics, Referral Payouts, Visits, and Progress Charts.
  • Use our Free LowPriceArticles.com Banner and Logo Creatives to promote your affiliate link. <Coming Soon>

Breaking Down the Numbers

Here is an example of what you can make as a Low Price Articles Affiliate. Keep in mind, results will vary. The values below are only examples of what you may achieve as a Low Price Articles Affiliate.


Our average content order is $100 so we’ll start with that. Let’s say you drive a referral to our site and they place a $100 initial order. You will receive $10 for that sale. If they come back the following week and place another $100 order, you’ll receive $5.00 for basically doing nothing. As long as they keep placing orders, you’ll keep making money!

Think about it for a second… Based on the above example, if you build a referral base of 50 Low Price Articles clients who spend roughly $200 per month each, you can make over $500 in passive income. Now that’s sweet!

How Do You Sign Up?

Since our Affiliate Program is in “Beta”, it’s only available to our clients. If you’ve purchased content from us in the past, then your affiliate account is already active. Just sign in here ===> My Affiliate Area

If you’ve never purchased content from us before and want to get in on the action, just order some content and you’ll be automatically added as one of our affiliates. There is no minimum order to get started. Eventually, we will open this up to everyone and have a signup form. But for now, our clients are the only people who can reap the benefits of this program.