How Long Will You Wait to See a ROI from Your Content Strategy?

Online marketing is unique in a number of ways. One of the most notable is how a content strategy is a long term effort, particularly when compared to one–off campaigns that are run through paid advertising both online and through traditional media. For some business owners, making an investment in online marketing can come with some hesitation. If you’re thinking about blogs and other forms of content marketing to raise your business presence online, but you want to be confident that you’re going to see results from your investment (ROI), then learning more about a content strategy might be the push that you need to make a smart business decision.

The Type of Content Marketing Matters When It Comes to ROI

CONTENT MARKETING photoIf you want to see the best ROI, you’re going to need to make sure that your marketing efforts are both continuous and consistent. Regular content updates are the key to seeing results, particularly when it comes to blogging or sharing content on social media or other platforms.For some companies it can take between six months and a year to see traffic and business increase on a significant scale, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t see short term benefits that can be extremely valuable.Take blogging as an example. Regularly posting blogs on a branded website is one of the most effective forms of content marketing. Consumers prefer content as a way to learn about products and services, which is why many businesses today are putting more effort into content marketing, rather than relying on paid advertising. If you are regularly posting content on your website (at least three times per week), then you could see your conversion rates increase by up to 600% in the long term. Even in the short term, a single blog can provide a strong ROI, thanks to the way blogs allow you to engage with your audience. Comments, social media shares, and even interactive content like surveys and competitions, can all help to raise brand awareness and may lead to a short term sales boost, even in as little as a few weeks or months. Sometimes your ROI might not immediately translate to a dollar value, however, simply exposing your brand and creating more leads is already a benefit that you can start capitalizing on. Content marketing will also increase overall traffic to your website. By combining content with effective SEO strategies, you’ll be able to increase your search ranking so that more of your target market is exposed to your business through engines like Bing and Google. The more traffic you have, the higher your rankings will become, thanks to some of Google’s algorithms taking time on page into account when ranking your site. By combining your traffic analytics with data from your lead and conversion figures, it won’t be long before you can see that content marketing is having a positive impact.

Your Investment Now Will Continue to provide Long Term Returns

Unlike a one–off marketing campaign, the benefits of content marketing are not short lived. The content that you create today could bring leads in one, two, or even three years’ time. There’s no limit on how long your content will stay relevant, and you can continue to refine and update your content as your market and your offering changes. To put it quite simply, the investment you make now on a single piece of content is far more valuable than paying for advertising that will only lead to a few impressions and potential page views, before you have to reinvest in more advertising to gain more exposure. Paid advertising is expensive with no guarantee of increased traffic or sales. In comparison, content marketing is relatively inexpensive, and your content will never expire.

What if You Don’t Have the Time to Spend on Developing Content?

Management Service photoWhether you simply don’t have the time, or even if you’re not comfortable with creating your own content, there are affordable ways to begin a content marketing strategy that will deliver long term results.With Low Price Articles, you can order single pieces of content for a set fee. We include research, keyword integration, and headline creation as part of the service. If you’re looking for a managed option that allows you to maintain long term focus on your strategy, then you can try our LPA Blog Management Service. It includes everything that goes into creating high quality content, and we’ll also upload the content to your site, take care of search engine optimization, and we can even help you with tools and plugins that will make your content more effective and easier to manage.A small investment in content marketing today will provide huge returns in the future. Short term gains can be seen quickly in most circumstances, and the long term returns will have you wondering why you didn’t start content marketing earlier.If you’re ready to get started with your first piece of content or our blog management service, simply contact us today to take the first step.