How Does Blog Management Work


Most business owners reach a point where maintaining a blog simply becomes too time consuming. Others find that they don’t have the skills or even the desire to create their blog content alone. Because blogs are an essential part of audience building and revenue generation, it’s not feasible to abandon a blog completely. Instead, a blog management service can be used.

Developing and maintaining an online presence is an ongoing and demanding process. At times, juggling your business responsibilities while also focusing on writing and managing articles can become too much to handle. Blog writing takes up a significant amount of time, particularly when you need to research articles, create compelling headlines, and even perform keyword research to ensure that you’re optimizing your content.

How Does Blog Management Work?

A blog management service is a special function that can be provided on top of article writing. It provides access to a number of important services that can ensure that your blogs are seen by the right audience. offers an affordable blog management service that is preferred by a number of entrepreneurs and SME business leaders. With our service you can ensure that:

  • Blogs are keyword optimized with natural writing that is search engine friendly.
  • Keywords can be suggested using advanced keyword research tools.
  • Skilled developers will use your CMS like WordPress to directly upload your blogs and perform all necessary optimization behind the scenes.
  • Article topic creation can be offered, and skilled writers can deliver compelling blog content from standard articles to specialized technical articles or sales copy.

Blog management service is essentially the next tier of outsourcing your article writing. Instead of receiving the articles and then taking the time to optimize and upload them yourself; you’ll have professional developers do the additional work for you. We can even use your licensed image library to add powerful imagery to your posts, which is a proven way to drive engagement and increase shares.

Is it Time to Start Using a Blog Management Service?

Ok, so you understand what a blog management service can offer, but how do you know if it’s time to start using one for your own business?

Blog management is an additional expense but it shouldn’t be looked at in terms of raw cost. Your time is more valuable than money, and if you are currently spending too much time with your blogs then hiring a management service will actually create more value than what it costs. By freeing up your time you could focus on reviewing your business strategy, you could engage in new methods of lead generation, or you could simply devote more time to running core business functions that have been neglected as you focused so much on your blogs in the past.

Another indicator that it’s time to use a blog management service is if you simply don’t enjoy writing blogs, or if you feel that your skillset is not well suited to content creation. Not everybody is a writer, and it’s not unusual to find highly successful business people who have trouble communicating their ideas in a way that is accessible to a mass online audience. A blog management service combined with article writing will mean that you won’t need to worry about forming effective copy or writing general blogs.

If you work in a retail or service industry then you will know firsthand how writing, blog management, and optimization can take away from your focus on day-to-day tasks.

A Flexible Service Where You Pay Only for What You Need

At Low Price Articles we don’t believe in complex service structures that confuse or even annoy our clients. Keeping things simple allows you to order exactly what you need, only when you need it.

Our blog management service is an optional product that can be added on to our popular article writing service. You’ll get the very best content writers who will create articles that are tailored to your brand and industry, and by adding blog management you’ll get all of the benefits that we’ve just described.

Blog SEO optimization, direct upload to your CMS, images, keyword research – it’s all available for a one-off fee on every order that you create. With no ongoing membership fee and no inflexible service agreements, you won’t need to worry if your needs change in the future.

Even if you’re looking for a long term service, we can work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Contact us today to start discussing your blog management requirements and take the first step towards a more efficient and reliable way to maintain your online presence.