10 Blog Tips to Make Your Content Standout

Differentiation is key for any business, and if you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, then you’re going to need to find ways to make even your blog pages unique. Getting traffic to your page is only half the battle, because one your audience arrives, you need to be able to engage them and turn them into repeat visitors. If you’ve been struggling with ways to give your blog the ‘wow’ factor, then these ten blog tips will give you actionable ideas that you can start incorporating into your strategy today.

 1. Publish Long Form, Information Rich Content

Lists, how-to articles, and blogs that comprehensively cover a single topic, are all excellent ideas for creating information-rich content that will attract new visitors. Make sure that your information is both accurate and insightful, and try to offer something that the competition doesn’t do. If you can create a single resource for a trending topic, then you’ll be able to drive traffic through social media shares or even curated posts on other websites.

2. Flaunt Your Strengths and Expertise

What do you do better than the competition? If you have something that’s unique in your niche, whether it’s a product or service, or even your own experience, then make sure you talk about this in your blogs and use your expertise to create in-depth content that stands out from other sites. Your experience gives you credibility, but you’ll need to communicate it to your audience. Try using case studies or personal scenarios in your blogs to build authority.

3. Keep Things Simple and Practical: Provide Value

What are the needs of your audience? What information or solutions is your target market looking for? If you know your audience and are able to closely define your market, then you’ll be able to follow all these blog tips and create value oriented blog content that appeals to unique wants and needs. Sharing important information can help to develop trust and rapport with your audience, and if your blog is a marketing platform to sell products or services, then your value oriented blogs will help to generate leads and influence conversions.

4. Use Quality Visuals that Attract Attention

Content with a strong visual aspect can double the views that you receive, and strategically using images and infographics can help to maintain reader interest as they make their way through your content. Make sure that you’re using high quality images that attract attention, especially when you are marketing your content through social media and other platforms. Images should always be relevant and appropriate to your text, and when you are using graphics that represent statistics, make sure that these are compelling and thought provoking.

You should also take the time to consider your overall visual theme, and the colors that you are using in your web design. Are the colors relevant to your brand, are they appealing, and do they make the content stand out without detracting from the overall experience? Thinking about these questions can help you to improve your web design, and you can even use split testing on different pages to discover which color themes and visual layouts result in the most views.

5. Blog Tips that Focus on Quality, Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

No matter how good your content is or how many blog tips you follow, you’ll lose viewers if you have a website that performs poorly when it comes to load times and responsiveness. Your web design should be appealing and unique, and users should be able to easily navigate your page from any device. Responsive web design allows you to use unified coding that scales well to any browser, screen size, or device, and responsive elements can load faster compared to complicated pages that use busy layouts and extensive behind the scenes resources.
A responsive website won’t just improve user experience but can help to improve your search ranking if Google finds your website to be highly optimized for speed and presentation.

6. Make Interactive Content

What Is Interactive Content

Interactive content is becoming a focal point for bloggers and website owners. By creating content that users can take part in, you’ll create an exciting experience that easily beats the competition. Consider running a giveaway, include surveys, or even reach out to your audience for topic ideas and themes that they want to see covered in your blogs. If you’re selling customizable products or services, then try using an interactive configurator to make the exploration and buying process more interactive and appealing.

7. Cut Out the Unnecessary

Always look back at your content, and for every word and sentence, ask yourself if it really needs to be there. Fluff is sometimes used to pad content and increase the perceived length of a blog. However, you need to look back to the value that you are providing, and ensure that every word carries weight and meaning. You can follow tons of blog tips, but if you’re inserting filler into your blogs, then the message and the impact of your content will be diminished.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Inject Personality into Your Content

Personality can give your blog a unique flavor, and adds a more human element to your content. If your personality is relatable and appealing, then you’ll be better able to captivate your audience while keeping them coming back for more.
Things as simple as adding some humor, some insightful anecdotes, or even an ‘about the author’ page to your blog, can all help to add personality to otherwise dry and technical topics.

9. Use Consistency in Your Messaging

There’s nothing wrong with adding opinion into your blogs, and we’ve already mentioned the benefits of using personality to create unique content. However, when you do have an opinion, make sure that you remain objective and consistent throughout your messaging. Use facts and statistics to back up your key points, and don’t shift your stance from week to week. Consistency will be key to making your brand identifiable, and it will give you credibility in the eyes of your audience.

10. Add a Comments Section

Adding a comment feature to your blogs won’t just make your content more interactive, but will also help to build a community around your brand. Comments drive discussion which will keep your audience coming back, and the comments can even offer insight into what you’re doing right and wrong. Most importantly, a comments section will allow your audience to feel like they are contributing, which could make your blog more appealing than other blogs that cover similar topics.

Utilize All of These Blog Tips

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