Content-First: Advanced SEO Link Building Tactics You Can Start Today

If you own a business and aim to build any kind of web presence, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs to be at the forefront of your online marketing strategy. Search is the most important driver of organic traffic, and if you’re not ranking in Google and Bing for your targeted keywords, you’ll find that your business will have a tough time competing and reaching an audience.In an SEO campaign, link building will be critical, and can have a significant impact on how well your pages rank. Link building has changed in recent years, and thanks to improvements in Google’s search algorithms, business owners will now be rewarded for quality backlinks that can drastically improve search engine results page rankings (SERP).If you’re new to SEO, or even if you’ve been doing it for a while without meaningful results, these actionable SEO link building tips can help you to outrank the competition, and get your page closer to the top of your most competitive search terms.

Generating Inbound Links Organically with a Content-First Approach

One of the most underrated ways to build links, is to attract them organically. In the past, link farms and article submissions were a huge aspect of link building. Today, this type of content is not as valuable, and depending on where links and content are posted, the old school method of link building could be detrimental to your SEO. Generating high quality content that is valuable to your market and your industry, is the ideal way to generate organic inbound links. Lists, in depth blog posts, and how-to articles, can generate organic links and social media shares from the audience that you already have. With keyword optimization on the pages that you create, this content will also help to improve your search ranking, even without inbound links. Many business owners shy away from the content-first approach, as the results can be slower than traditional methods of link building. However, there’s a better chance of gaining high value inbound links on relevant pages, blogs, and social media accounts, simply because the people generating the links will be those who are directly related to, or invested in your industry.

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Use the Same Content for Outreach Based Link Building

In any of your marketing efforts, it’s important not to rely on a single strategy. If your marketing plan is one dimensional, then you’ll limit your success and meaningful results will be negligible. The Content-First approach will attract interest and generate links, but it’s not enough to simply sit back and wait for things to happen. With the high quality content that you develop, you can also look at outreach to generate high value inbound links.A common mistake made by novice online marketers, is focusing on outreach without providing value or creating a relationship. Ultimately, the goal of outreach is to get influencers to link to your blog posts and pages. As you would expect, simply identifying these influencers and asking for a link is not going to have a good outcome. Research your market to find out who the influencers are. These can be key personalities, bloggers, or even companies that offer complementary products that don’t compete with your own. Gather contact details and start a simple conversation over email, or even over the phone where possible. There are some key things that you want to include in your communication: Let them know who you are, the business you represent (including your page), what your goal is with your content, and ask whether or not that is something that they would be interested in. There are plenty of bloggers out there with strong audiences that would be more than willing to feature co-branded content, and it all comes down to the question of how much value your content can provide. The content that you develop should be value oriented and not focused on making sales. Linkable content provides information to consumers or industry insiders, it covers something that doesn’t already exist on the web (or covers an existing concept with more detail), and it should solve a problem or answer a question that consumers have. As an example, a business that markets electric lawnmowers should not be looking for inbound links to a blog about why their particular mowers are the best in the industry (even though they may be), but could instead link to a blog that tells consumers how to evaluate and choose a lawnmower, or a blog that explains the benefits of modern electric lawnmowers and how they differ from petrol models and the underpowered electric lawnmowers from one or two decades ago. Remember, when it comes to outreach and looking for link partners, value is key. Be aware that some influencers may want co-branded content, so you’ll need to produce fresh content that they can publish through their own channels. Any co-branded content should adhere to the tone and quality standards that you would use on your own website or blog. By taking the content first approach to attract organic shares, and performing outreach to develop relationships with influencers, you could generate valuable inbound links that come from high authority sources. As part of your overall link building and SEO strategy, this is one of the most effective that you can engage in today. If you need quality content that is tailored to your brand and your audience, Low Price Articles can offer informative and captivating content that is perfect for results driven companies.