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Using Blog Comments to Develop Relationships and Increase Engagement

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to improve SEO and increase brand presence. While static content marketing is employed by many companies, the businesses that make interactive content are those that create relationships and opportunities with their audiences. If you want to be able to engage your readers and create leads and eventual conversions, then it’s time to open your blog comments section and start talking to your audience today.

Why Blog Comments Matter

Blog Comments photoThe power of blog comments is in the communities that they create. While you may have a social media following and maybe a presence on some external platforms, there’s still much value to be gained by communicating with your audience on your own pages. You should aim to make your website your main point of contact. Here is where you’ll have the most control over your brand and image, and you’ll be able to communicate freely with your audience without having to rely on an external platform. Conversations are key to brand positioning and authority. Creating powerful blog content is the first step, but when you can engage with an audience on the same page, you’ll create two–way communication where ideas and concerns can be shared. Comments may help you to convert a potential customer, and comments can even provide valuable feedback and insights that will help you to refine your content strategy.Having comments activated can also be a way to create hype for your brand. When a visitor reads a blog post, they’ll gain all of the information from within that post, but if you have no comment section, then they may see your static resource as closed ended or stale. With a healthy and active comments section, each user will see that there is interest in your brand, and this can be important in swaying them towards your offering.Just as important as everything else, a comments section creates goodwill. When audiences see that you are approachable and communicative, they’ll see you as more of a human entity, rather than just as a faceless brand on a website. Not only does this improve your personal brand, but it can help to build trust and rapport. Something as simple as switching on the blog comments section on your website could help to increase the return on investment that you get from your blogs. If you’re not doing it already, then now is the time to start.

Tips for Getting the Most Value from Blog Comments

There are some simple tips that you can use to maximize the value of any interactions that you have with your readers. Keep these in mind whenever replying to comments on your blogs.

  • Keep things personal. Avoid using bots or even an assistant when replying to comments. If your name is published in the article, then you’ll be furthering your brand by directly interacting with your audience.
  • This is not twitter, so keep comments well written with proper grammar and spelling. Avoid using popular abbreviations unless they are relevant or consistent with the content of your blog. Think of commenting as you would with any face to face professional conduct. Your audience will respect you more when you take the time to be professional.
  • Try not to overly self–promote in the comments, particularly if you already have a call to action in your blog.
  • Try not to engage in disputes that aren’t productive. You do have the right to moderate your comment section, so if you have a commenter who is overly rude, disruptive, offensive, or even one who is advertising, don’t be afraid to click the delete button. There’s a saying; when you argue on the internet, nobody wins. This is just as true in your comment section as it is anywhere else.
  • Always add value and try to promote further discussion. Provide responses that are well thought out and dense with information, and always stay on topic to the post or at least the general theme of your blog.

Start with Powerful Blog Content

marketing strategy photoTo attract an active community, you’re going to need compelling blog content that is relevant to your brand, in the interest of your market, and informative in terms of your products and services. If you want the best blog content and other web content but you can’t seem to find the time while running your business, then you can rely on the professional writers at Low Price Articles. With affordable content and even comprehensive content management packages, you can take care of the most important aspect of your content marketing strategy, while knowing that you’re getting high quality, researched content that is relevant to your brand.Order online today, or start talking to us about your content marketing needs to see how we can help.

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