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Consistent Blogging Maximizes your Results in Content Marketing

How many times have you heard that content is one of the most important aspects of your online marketing strategy? If you’ve been following our blog series on Low Price Articles, then you’ve probably even seen us reinforcing the point on a few occasions. It’s can’t be disputed that content is the ‘meat’ of your marketing effort, however for consistent blogging, that content needs to be both regular and consistent to be effective. Even if you can write the best blogs that the world has ever seen, sporadic publishing would mean that your blog and your website will fall right back into internet obscurity. Just as high quality content is critical to your strategy, getting that content published consistently will make the difference between success and failure.

Regular Blogging Provides Social Media Marketing Content

Social media platforms have become essential for advertising companies and brands. Creating a strong following on social media is a good way to funnel customers back towards your blog and sales pages, and you can do this by sharing blog content, or even unique social media content that has been repurposed from your blogs.By regularly posting blogs, you’ll be able to create more opportunities for social shares, you’ll have more content to use on social media sites, and you’ll be able to reduce any reliance you have on content curation to maintain a following. When you consider that effective Facebook marketing requires 5 – 7 posts per week, it can only be a good thing when you have more content to share.

You Can Increase Keyword Penetration and Variation with Consistent Blogging

keyword photoKeywords are important when you need search engines to find and index your content. If you have a webpage that only consists of a landing page, some product or service pages, and then a few blogs, then you’ll have fewer opportunities to use your primary and secondary keywords. By consistent blogging, you’ll be able to use your main keywords more often, and you’ll even be able to target other keywords that are relevant to your niche. By expanding the variation of your keywords you can reach a wider audience and create more business opportunities. By publishing frequent blogs, you’ll also be able to increase keyword presence without oversaturating your individual pages, which is something that can actually hurt your search ranking.

Fresh Content Keeps Your SEO Healthy

Pages that consistently publish original content will be continually crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines. Essentially, the more pages that you have, the better your chances are of achieving a high SERP ranking. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can post fluff content to pad your website with pages. Search engine algorithms look for high quality content that is relevant to your keywords, and written in clear language with a high level of readability.

Best of All, Consistency Keeps Your Audience Engaged

There’s always a heavy emphasis on how different marketing strategies will help you to hit metrics by increasing shares, likes, page views, and by increasing SERPs. While this is all important and in many cases essential to your business, you should never forget about the whole reason why you’re here in the first place…To grow your audience! Consistently publishing new content will keep your audience engaged, while giving you more opportunities to influence them, while generating leads and conversions.

Do You Need a Solution to Develop Regular Content at an Affordable Price?

solution photoLet’s face it, not every business owner has the time to research topics and keywords, produce content, write headlines, find images, and post and optimize their content. If you’re finding it difficult to keep consistent blogging, then it’s time to employ an article writing and blog management service to take care of some of your marketing tasks. At Low Price Articles, we offer basic blog writing services, including research, headline creation, and keyword integration. Standard articles are a great way to get content if you already know the topics you’re looking for. If that’s still not enough to free up resources, then you can purchase additional blog management packages, where we take care of everything from image sourcing, to posting on your CMS, and we’ll even do topic research to discover the best themes and headlines that will deliver results.If you want to get consistency without taking focus away from your core business, and without having to spend a fortune, then contact us today to talk about your business and create your first order.

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