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5 Effective Content Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you own a website then you probably already know that traffic is essential to build your audience, generate leads, and convert those leads into paying customers. Understanding why you need traffic is simple, but actually boosting your traffic can be challenging, particularly if you aren’t aware of the most effective content strategies to get more eyes on your blog and other pages.

Blogging is highly competitive, so your content needs to be exceptional in value and presentation. Even when you have great content, you’ll still need to incorporate some simple marketing strategies to ensure that you get the most exposure, resulting in a healthy flow of traffic.

Here are five strategies that some of the most popular blogs use, and you can easily incorporate these into your business model today.


Optimize Your Pages with Keywords and Synonyms

Search algorithms have evolved significantly in recent years, making search more intuitive, and providing better results for users. The increased intelligence of search engines can help you with increasing traffic, providing you are approaching search optimization in the right way.

Google results will display high ranking pages for synonyms of a keyword, regardless of whether a page has optimized for the individual words. As an example, ‘movie house’ local searches will also display results for ‘movie theater’ and ‘cinema’.

You can capitalize on this by explicitly optimizing your page for the most common synonyms, as well as your main keywords. This can help to increase your SERP rankings and is a relatively quick and easy technique that will only require a few minutes of optimization across your unpublished and existing blogs.


Take Your Text to Other Platforms

Repurposing Content

A blog post alone is only one part of the content strategy puzzle. You can maximize the value you get from a blog, by repurposing the content for other platforms.

Consider creating a video or animated slide presentation, perform a live screencast, or podcast the content from your blog. You could even take a blog and expand on it to create an eBook to use as an incentive for a mailing list, or you could even consolidate a number of related blogs into a single publication that can be sold or offered as a free bonus for your audience.

Repurposing your content strategy will cut down on your research and production time, and increases opportunities to gain shares and drive traffic to your website.


Optimize Your Tweets

Tweets are quick and easy to post, and they can be responsible for a significant amount of your social media traffic. Make sure you are optimizing your tweets by using viral words and phrases that are more likely to generate retweets and click through.

Some of the most popular two-word phrases include how to, the most, and the best. Optimize your tweets and page content accordingly, to ensure that you attract attention on what is a notoriously competitive social network. Longer phrases that are more likely to go viral include what happens when, when you see, this is what, how to make and blow your mind.

These viral phrases won’t always be appropriate to your content strategies, but when you can use them, make sure that you do. In your tweets you should be aiming for action, so choose verbs and use fewer nouns. And, of course, don’t forget relevant hashtags so that you can target your tweets to specific demographics.


Keep on Sharing

Creating content and expecting it to attract viewers simply by existing, is a strategy that is sure to fail. You need to be proactive when marketing your brand and your blog, and that means going to the effort to share on as many platforms as possible.

When you first publish a blog, good content strategies are to make sure you share it on all of your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and any of the other platforms where you have a presence. This will give your audience a chance to see your blog, and you will start to generate shares and likes.

While many blog owners would stop there, it’s actually more effective to share your blog again at a later date. Tweet your blog out again in a couple of days, or repost it on Facebook the week after it has been published. Sharing more than once can double the inbound traffic that you get from social media, and is a strategy used by all of the most successful bloggers.


Invite a Guest Blogger to Your Site

Guest BloggerYou can generate traffic even without using your own content, just as long as you can find a popular and relevant guest blogger who is willing to partner with your site. Guest blogs will offer a fresh perspective, a different style of content, and can help you to increase your audience with people who might otherwise never have visited your pages.

You’ll need to find a popular blogger in your niche who enjoys a large social media following. Approach them either via social media or email and invite them to write a blog that will be published on your site. Some high profile bloggers will require a financial incentive, or they may ask for return links to their blog. Make sure you strike a deal that is fair but keeps in mind that an authoritative blog will usually have the stronger position when it comes to negotiating.

Make sure that your guest blogger agrees to provide content that will be used exclusively on your blog, and you should also seek an agreement that the blogger will share the post (with a link to your blog) on their primary social media accounts.

If a popular blogger is asking for too much in their terms, then consider approaching another blogger or waiting for a better opportunity. Guest blogging is effective, but it should not come at a high financial cost or with long term ongoing commitments to promote another blog instead of your own.


Start Making Changes to Your Content Strategies Today

You don’t have to use all of these content strategies, and each one can and will provide benefits on its own. However, the more comprehensive you make your traffic generation strategy, the higher your increase will be.

If you need high-quality content that will fit right in with your blog and your marketing strategy, then you can always rely on the team at Low Price Articles. Expert blogs from professional writers will be relevant to your niche, aligned with your brand, and can be used in conjunction with all of the above strategies to start growing your traffic today. If you’re ready to place an order, just click here.


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