How to Write Engaging Blog Articles to Increase Sales

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Blogging is a powerful way to improve visibility of your brand and can even increase sales when you use the right techniques. The reason that blog articles are so powerful is because they tie directly into the consumer problem and decision making process. When a consumer has a problem or a need, they will use a search engine to find a solution. A highly optimized blog will feature high in the search results, providing information and a specific product or service that addresses the needs of the consumer.

It’s not difficult to understand why this leads to increased sales, but it can be somewhat less obvious to determine exactly how you can make your blogs work for you. If you need powerful sales copy or general blog articles to tie into products or landing pages, then you’ll need to know about the effective techniques used by professional blog and copywriters at Low Price Articles.

Here’s what goes into the most effective blog articles for businesses…

Personality and Tone

One of the most important aspects of your blog will be the personality that is portrayed. What kind of image do you want to represent for your business? The tone and language used in an article needs to be suited to your audience and the products or services that you offer. If your audience is technical and your offering is highly specialized, then informative technical blogs will work better than standard general sales content. With professional writers you can order blog articles that are consistent with the personality of your business and your existing content.

Consistency Throughout Your Articles and Other Web Assets

Writing blog articles requires consistency so that readers can associate all of your content with a specific brand. Maintaining a consistent writing style is essential, and you’ll need to keep to a familiar personality and voice to ensure that you don’t alienate existing audience members.

Consistency in your posting schedule is also necessary, because a sporadic posting schedule could lead to decreased interest and declining audience numbers. Weekly blogs are suitable for small businesses and some will even post up to three articles every week, depending on the size of the audience and the niche that the blog fits into. Consistency is important but it should never compromise the quality of the articles. A basic rule of thumb is that if you don’t have something interesting to say, then it’s better to say nothing at all. If your resources only allow for a bi-weekly posting schedule, then this is better than posting two or three sub-par blogs every week.

Remember, blogging is related to your overall brand image and low quality posts will damage your brand. If you are struggling for blog ideas or if you don’t have time to maintain consistency, then buying blog articles from professional writers will be highly beneficial.

The Best Blogs Provide Value and Solutions

Up to 50% of all consumers will search for a business online before they make a final purchasing decision, but this is not the only way that consumers will end up reading your blogs. In most cases, consumers will have a problem, need, or desire, and they will search for related topics. Your blog articles won’t always be written for consumers who know who you are, but they will instead be focused on a problem, need, or desire, and then provide a solution in the form of what you have to offer.

Sales copy blogs are useful for special releases and events but they should not make up the majority of your postings. With most of your blogs you will get the most value (and potential revenue) by presenting a problem and offering a solution. This can be done in many conventional and abstract ways. Some blogs are tips based articles that provide a number of solutions to general problems. Some blogs will be highly specific and technical. Personal experience blogs are also highly effective at capturing interest and persuading consumers, because they are relatable and can be written with powerful emotive language.

Sales Copy Blogs Can Be Powerful When Used Appropriately

When consumers search for products or solutions they typically don’t want to be hit with results from blogs that offer a cold and hard sell. Most blogs are typically conversational with a sales pitch incorporated into long form content that can stand on its own. When you do use sales copy in a blog, it should be for a specific event such as a product launch.

Sales copy is heavily focused on a product or service and will be written with powerful language that leads customers towards a buying decision. Unlike most of your blog articles, sales copy won’t feature neutral advice and will instead include at least one (usually more) call to action.

If you want to write a sales copy blog article, then you will already need to have established trust with your audience. Hard sales copy should not make up more than 25% of your blog posts, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t hybridize your standard blog articles to incorporate some elements of typical sales copy.

What Statistics Tell Us About the Effectiveness of Blogging

If you’re going to invest in custom sales copy or blog articles, then you’ll want to know what kind of benefits you can expect. Available statistics can tell you a lot about how much increased business can be enjoyed when you blog with the right techniques.

  • B2B Companies enjoy an almost 70% increase in lead generation when compared to companies that don’t blog.
  • B2C Companies can generate 88% more leads per month compared to competitors that don’t regularly update a blog.
  • Blogging increases raw traffic allowing for more interactions and increased brand awareness. Sites with professional, informative, and consumer focused blogs can generate up to 55% more traffic.

The above data from HubSpot confirms that blogging can allow your business to reach new levels of success.

Get Professional Blog Articles from Skilled Writers at Low Price

Blogging can be time consuming and requires a specialized skillset. Keyword optimization, knowing the right language, formatting, and general prose can be things that even the best business leaders lack. If you aren’t experienced in sales blog writing or you simply don’t have the time; you can order articles today from Low Price Articles.

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If you want to grow your company in 2017 then blogging is one technique that you can’t ignore. Start ordering articles today with no membership fees and a simple pricing structure that works for your business.