How to Make Money with a Blog – Four Options for 2018

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Blogging is a great way to market products and a brand, and the practice is widely utilized by today’s leading digital marketers. Companies from Intel, to IBM, and even Coca Cola utilize blog posts for engaging with audiences, increasing brand awareness, and increasing traffic to their sites. Blogging can be used for direct lead generation, and using a blog as a content marketing platform to drive revenue is the most common way to make money from a blog. In addition to this, blogging can be used as a revenue generation tool in other ways, creating opportunities for passionate writers to monetize their content.

If you already run a blog that isn’t making money, or you want to get started with blogging in 2018, these are the top ways that you can start generating revenue from your efforts.

Using an Advertising Network to Monetize Your Blog

Using popular advertising networks is by far the most common way to make money from a blog. It’s also one of the easiest.

This method allows you to leverage off of the content on your site by placing advertisements within and around your content. Google AdSense is the most popular platform, and is one of the simplest when it comes to accessibility and ease of use. With this platform you won’t need to seek out advertisers but will instead be able to take advantage of Google’s own network. This streamlines the process by making it easier to place ads that are automatically generated based on your content categories, and receiving payments is fast and reliable.

Selling Private Advertising Space on Your Blog

If you want some more control over the advertisements on your page, and if you are comfortable with forming your own relationships and developing contracts with third parties, then you can choose to sell private advertising space on your blog. There are a number of key advantages to monetizing in this way.

  • You’ll have direct control over the products and brands that you choose to promote.
  • There will be better opportunities to customize your content in relation to your advertisements.
  • More flexibility exists with the revenue generated and how it is calculated.

This method will take more direct involvement because you’ll need to seek out advertising partners. Bloggers in niche categories find that this type of advertising can be extremely beneficial, because they have more control over choosing ads that are suited to their audience. Local small business advertisers can be more receptive to blogs that fit into their niche, and small one-off advertising contracts are possible for a single blog or a series of blogs.

Keep in mind that if you do sell private advertising space you will need to create an in-depth profile of your blog for each proposal that is made, You’ll need to include key information like your site audience, average viewership, and engagement statistics (how often blogs are shared, posted on social media, comment volume etc.).

Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to use your blog content to direct traffic towards an affiliate product. There are a number of popular affiliate programs available where you can generate income from links (pay per click), and some will even offer a commission on sales that are generated from your links.

With affiliate marketing you will need to tailor your content to the products that are being sold. This won’t be ideal for every blogger, but will work well for those who have the time to research and generate valuable content based on the products that are being offered. If you’re passionate about a certain niche or product category, then you may find affiliate marketing to be perfect for your blog, and it could even become a primary line of business.

The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program is by far the most popular with bloggers today. It’s not unusual for passionate and hardworking marketers to generate six figure incomes from their blogging efforts.

Using a Blog for Traditional Lead Generation and Brand Building

The three options that we’ve looked at so far are all focused on monetizing blog content directly through general advertisements or affiliate advertising links. If you’re blogging purely for the passion of writing and generating great content, then any of the previous options make a lot of sense.

In a slightly different situation, you might already run a business and want to use your blog to generate income from your products or services. In this scenario it wouldn’t make sense to advertise offerings from your direct competitors or other businesses. Instead, you could use your blog as a powerful lead generation and brand building tool.

Writing about your products, sharing industry news and insights, or offering reviews or creative ways to utilize your offerings could all help to attract an audience and drive traffic to your sales landing pages or product catalogue.

Even if you already run an online store, blogging will help to attract search traffic when you use the right optimization techniques. Blog posts are more shareable on social media, web forums, and other community sites, allowing you to market your brand and products without falling back to the direct (and less ideal) method of sharing product page links.

Make Money from a Blog, Easier Than Most Think

Some people blog for passion only, and have never considered that they could make money from writing about what they love. Others assume that the popularity of blogging means that there’s less money to be made in 2018.

The fact is that blogging is still a feasible revenue generation tactic and it doesn’t even need to be related to an existing business venture. Advertising money is still lucrative, and affiliate marketing allows for good rewards with plenty of niches still underutilized.

If you’re ready to start increasing your blog posts to maximize your chosen monetization program, then it can be useful to employ an article writing service for your content. This will free up your time to focus on optimizing, researching your audience and competition, or attending to your core business functions.

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