How to Use Commercial Intent Keywords

It’s hard to believe that Q4 is here! Yes… time is flying and before we know it, Christmas season will be upon us. Guess what that means? PRESENTS! And how do people obtain those presents? With HOLIDAY SHOPPING!. When the holiday season kicks into high gear, you’ll want your website to receive as much traffic as possible to capitalize on this “open wallet” time of year. It’s filled with impulse buys and easy upsells. But in order to capitalize on this gold rush, your website needs to rank highly for specific commercial intent keywords. A little-known fact is commercial intent is more important than total search volume! Yes… it’s true. Time and time again, we’ve seen websites with very little traffic receive astronomical conversions rates because they targeted long tail commercial intent keywords. Let’s break down these important keywords into four segments in reverse order, starting with the least likely to make a purchase.

Commercial Intent Keywords: The Tire Kickers

Yup… tire kickers are not only present on used car lots. They are in full force on the web as well! But don’t dismiss them as a dead opportunity. Although they may not be ready to buy, they are most definitely ready to give out their name and email address. Depending on your business, you can offer them the following:

  • Free Product Sample
  • Free Access to Software
  • Free PDF Guide
  • Bonus Content
  • Free Trial Membership

Once you capture their information, you can begin to market your product or services through email marketing services like MailChimp. Just set up an automated email sequence of information which all builds up to the sales email. By that time, your tire kicker might be ready to open their wallet and plunk down some cash for your product or service. We’ve heard many SEO experts dismiss tire kickers as a waste of time but we beg to differ. Although conversion rates are low, they can produce value.

Here are a few Tire Kicker keywords you can target:

  • Download (movies, music, eBooks, images etc.)
  • Free (movies, music, books, products, food, access etc.)

Informational Keywords

Commercial Intent KeywordsEveryone searches the web for information! While your competitors may ignore this segment because of its low conversion rate, you should capitalize on it. When doing keyword research for informational keywords, seek out keywords with a high volume but low competition. Don’t be tempted to attack high competition keywords even though they look great. You’ll spend way too much time and money trying to rank your page for those keywords. Those low competition keywords are easier to rank for and convert into sales.

Here are a few Informational Keywords you can target:

  • Ways to (cook, clean, build, promote, create, attract etc.)
  • I need to (lose weight, know, apply, find out, get away, lose 15 pounds etc.)
  • Best way to (lose weight, boil eggs, wash a car, build a birdhouse, fall asleep etc.)
  • How to (stop depression, tie a tie, make slime, reset an iPhone, draw etc.)

Once again, since these keywords have a low initial buyer intent, you should grab their name and email address to remarket your product or service through an automated email sequence. They may convert over time and ultimately become a regular customer.

Product Keywords

Now we’re getting closer to the Holy Grail. When people search for a product keyword, their intent is to eventually decide to buy something. These keywords convert much better than Tire Kickers and Informational Keywords. If you’re doing any PPC remarketing, you can drop a cookie into your visitor’s web browser and follow them around the web as they search for a product or service in your niche. Eventually, they will click on your banner ad that’s been stalking them all over the web and visit your site again. Hopefully to make a purchase!

Here are the most popular Product Keywords we’ve come across:

  • Compare
  • Affordable
  • Best
  • Specific Product Search (iPhone 7s, Ford Mustang, Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray etc.)
  • Top 10
  • Review (laptop review, Chevy Camaro review, mountain bike review etc.)
  • Cheap
  • Specific Brand (Apple, Toyota, Samsung, Hostgator etc.)

Some of these keywords you might want to shy away from, such as, affordable and cheap. If someone does a Google search for “Cheap Hosting” or “Affordable Health Insurance”, you can be sure they are almost ready to make a purchase. Just because they’re looking for a deal, doesn’t mean they are anywhere near Tire Kicker status.

Buy Keywords

“Buy” keywords are the Holy Grail of commercial intent! These keywords convert like gangbusters. If you can rank a page on your website with a “buy” keyword, you’re in for an awesome holiday season and beyond. Unfortunately, almost every business on the web is trying to rank for those keywords as well. But don’t get discouraged! You can still rank for this type of keyword. It just takes a little more effort to find some really nice long tail “buy” keywords to build content around.

Here are the best Buy Now keywords:

  • Buy (add any product or service after “buy” and you’re all set)
  • Coupon (McDonalds coupon, Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon, Nike Coupon etc.)
  • Discount (Discount Broadway tickets, discount airfare, discount eyeglasses etc.)
  • Deals (Kohl’s Deals, Amazon Deals, Nike Deals etc.)

There is one more to add to the list and that is “Free Shipping”. We’ve seen a continual increase in this search term so you might as well take advantage of the momentum. See if you can add your product or service to the end of “Free Shipping” like (free shipping flowers, free shipping makeup, free shipping homemade soap etc.).

So… What do you do now?

Content, content, content! After you’ve compiled a list of target keywords with high commercial intent, you need to build pages on your website that contain those keywords. This can be in the form of actual pages or blog posts. Make sure your posts are Search Engine Optimized with the target keywords. It’s super important to know how to implement proper H1, H2, H3, Title and Image tags as well as a properly written Meta Descriptions. If you need help with on-page optimization, please reach out to us through our support page. We provide this service for a nominal fee and it’s well worth it.

If you have existing content on your website that needs to be optimized, we can handle that for you as well. If you’re placing a content order on Low Price Articles, just let us know that you’re interested in having us upload the content to your website and search engine optimize it. We’ll discuss pricing at that time and can easily send you an invoice for this service. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We’re here to help your business grow!