What’s the Fastest Way to Grow Your Blog’s Audience?

Blogging has become one of the most powerful ways to increase traffic to a website while marketing a brand and feeding a sales funnel. If you’re in the business of online product marketing, then there’s no question that a blog should be an important part of your strategy. While most business owners and marketers do appreciate the value of operating a blog, the methods for increasing blog’s audience are not as widely understood. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog, or if you already have a blog that is not performing as well as you want it to, then these audience growing tips have been designed for you.

Always Publish Content That is Relevant to Your Audience

One of the keys to any successful blog is publishing content that is both fresh and relevant. Blog’s audience is hungry for information, which is why blogs are starting to become more important than other traffic generation methods like paid advertising. To ensure that you are able to engage your audience and create a buzz around your brand, you’ll need to develop content that speaks directly to your target audience.This means that each blog post needs to be carefully researched, written in clear language that is relevant to the audience, and it needs to speak to their interests, emotions, needs, and desires. If you’ve developed products and services for a specific niche it won’t be overly difficult to connect to your audience on a personal level. The trick is to do this consistently so that you can become recognized as an authentic and authoritative source, allowing growth in your audience.

Share on Social Networks and Encourage Sharing from Your Audience

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If you want to get a blog seen as much and as quickly as possible, then you’re going to need to take your brand to social media and start promoting it. With every blog post, you should be creating social shares on networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Wherever your audience is active on a social network, you need to have a presence there too. When sharing blogs on social media. Make sure that you include some short and interesting commentary or an excerpt, as well as an eye catching image that draws attention to your post. Research has shown that images garner more attention that text alone, so this is one simple strategy that can bring great results.Don’t forget about share buttons on your blogs. Encouraging community shares can allow you to reach a wider audience, and although this type of sharing won’t always be demographically targeted, you can still experience growth thanks to the sheer number of people that will be exposed to your content.

Publishing a Blog is Only the First Step: Promote Through Every Available Channel

In addition to social media, there are other platforms where you can promote your blog to grow your blog’s audience. Find out where your target market spends their time. A platform like reddit can be a goldmine for marketers and small business owners. reddit is a community with numerous forums that are broken down into specific interest groups. If you can create a presence on reddit, then you’ll have a chance to drive engagement and increase blog viewership.Traditional forums are also a good place to share your blogs and expertise, so look for the forums that are relevant to your niche, and start engaging with the members to strengthen your brand. If you’re going to be active on any kind of forum, make sure that you only link to your blog when it provides additional value.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Along with social shares, promotion through other platforms, and ensuring that you’re actually producing content that is relevant to your audience, SEO should make up the foundation of your entire growth strategy. Search is still the leading driver of traffic towards websites, so you’ll need to make sure that you are using the right techniques to get your paged indexed on the world’s largest search platforms. This means keyword optimizing your blogs, posting regularly (sometimes as often as three times per week), encouraging links from external sources, and even using internal linking to help trigger the search signals that will get your page ranked. Something as simple as using


http:// SEO Plugin

to optimize page headlines, metatags, and keyword content in your main text, can make dramatic improvements to SEO that will result in more viewers and a larger engaged blog’s audience.

Building your Blog’s Audience Isn’t Complicated, but it Requires a Consistent Effort

Blogs AudienceAll of the strategies mentioned here are relatively simple, and even the sometimes intimidating art of SEO can be straightforward to implement once you’ve had the practice and seen the results. High quality and regular content will always be the most important aspect of a blog, and all of the promotion and optimization work will help to bring in the viewers that you need. If you want a better way of not only producing your content, but managing your blogs to ensure they’re SEO friendly and ready to drive traffic to your site, then consider Low Price Articles and our blog management service. We’ll take your brand and concepts to create unique and compelling content, and with our expert team of content marketing professionals, we can give each blog the extra touch that will make it more valuable in terms of growing your audience and generating traffic.Talk to us today to find out more, or order online now to receive your first blog.