Is It Important to Have a Blog for Your Business?

The digital marketing landscape has changed significantly in the last decade, and we’ve seen the rise and fall of many trends. Some of the best marketing channels have carved out positions as mindshare leaders, such as social media marketing and video content delivery. With so many new ways to promote your business, there’s always a danger of forgetting about the basics, and, in some cases, you may have even been told that traditional marketing methods like having a blog for your business were no longer relevant.

In 2017, you do need to ask the question; is blogging still important for my business?

Despite what you may have heard in recent times, blogging is still essential and should be seen as one of the foundations of your online strategy.

Why Blogging Still Matters – Boosting Traffic


If you’re having trouble increasing the traffic to your website, or even if your site is brand new without any significant audience, then creating blogs is an effective way to increase your traffic.

How? It all comes down to indexing and search presence. A basic business website is usually only made up of a few web pages. You’ll have a landing page, a few pages for your products and services, and usually a contact page with important information and maybe a short overview of your company. It’s not unusual for relatively large businesses to have fewer than 10 pages that make up their core online presence.

While this might seem like it makes sense from a UX point of view, the fact is that with fewer pages, there will be less crawling and indexing of your site. It’s not reasonable or even practical to regularly change your core landing, product, and service pages, but you can get around this problem with blogs.

Blogs maintain your web presence and offer new pages for search engine robots. These pages will be crawled and indexed, and with regular high quality and optimized content, you’ll have more opportunities to boost your search presence and increase traffic to your website.

Building Authority Within Your Niche

Do you know why industry leaders like IBM, Microsoft, and Ferrari still blog? Because it helps them to maintain brand presence and authority. A prospect can only learn so much from your products and services. If your brand is relatively unknown, then you’ll need to provide content that allows you to establish a reputation within your niche.

Blogging helps you to educate and provide value to your target market. With informative and unique blog posts, the perception of your brand will increase in positivity, and your audience will begin to view you as an authoritative presence within your specific market segment. Continued maintenance of a blog ensures that you have a constant stream of valuable, authority-building information, and you’ll be able to boost the mindshare of your brand, even before individuals have had a chance to do business with you.

At the end of the day, this increase in authority means that your business will be at the top of the list when consumers are looking for solutions that are similar to what you provide.

Increasing Search Presence Through SEO


SEO is often considered as the backbone of online presence and digital marketing, and no matter how many new technologies and channels have developed, SEO has never really gone away. If you want to start building search presence, SEO will be essential.

What some website owners fail to understand, is that SEO doesn’t just end with your main pages and content. In fact, SEO and specific keyword optimization should be carried throughout all of your online presence. This means that every blog you write can be optimized for SEO, further increasing you SERP rank for targeted keywords. If you’re releasing three blogs a week, then that provides you with three new opportunities to start targeting keywords. Blogs can even offer you ways to target some of the keywords that don’t fit the tone or flow of the content on your static pages.

Gain These Benefits and More with Regular Blog Posting

Blog PostingThere are numerous other organic benefits that can come from blogging, including providing customer education for products and services, soft releasing a new marketing campaign, or you can even use blogs as a source of community engagement through comments and social media shares. Blogging will also ensure that you can convert traffic into leads, and then convert those leads into sales.

To put it simply, blogging is just as important in 2017 as it ever was, and is an effective and affordable way to improve your marketing strategy, while boosting your brand presence in a number of key areas.

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