What Is Interactive Content and Why It Matters in 2017

One significant challenge in digital marketing is breaking through the noise that exists online. For your company to be able to find its voice and audience, you’ll need to look for new strategies in 2017 that can take your online presence to the next level. While many of the content marketing strategies from previous years are still important and relevant, there are some emerging strategies that can be adopted to improve your presence and audience engagement. Interactive content is perhaps the most critical tactic for 2017 and the coming years.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content breaks away from passive forms of content like blogs, eBooks, and whitepapers, and instead provides you with an opportunity to engage with your audience by collecting information or providing a value added interactive service.

Think of a home loan affordability calculator, a survey or workbook that allows consumers to find a product or service that meets their needs, or even simple quizzes and contests that generate buzz and drive audience engagement.

You could think of interactive content like an interactive smartphone app, except there’s no requirement for users to install anything on their end. The best interactive content will be embedded directly within a web page, providing the simplest and most convenient way for your audience to start utilizing it.

Polling Is the Simplest and One of the Most Effective Interactive Content Marketing Methods

Interactive Content MarketingIf you’ve never used any form of interactive content, then a simple poll is the easiest way to get started. This will require the least development time, and requires very little time investment from your audience. Polling is useful because it doesn’t just allow for audience engagement but also allows you to collect valuable information.

Any business owner or content marketer will tell you that market research can be both time consuming and difficult. Simply getting consumers to take part in surveys can require a complete marketing strategy in itself, so working a poll into an email communication, directly on a website, or even on social media, will mean that you can collect valuable data quickly and efficiently. Because you’ll be self-publishing your poll, you can also ensure that you’re reaching your target audience.

To get the most buy-in for your poll, there needs to be some form of incentive for your audience. Generally, audiences aren’t averse to providing information, but offering results and comparisons is a proven way to get even more people to interact. Upon completion of a poll, you could reveal total statistics for the poll taken so far, allowing audience members to compare themselves against overall results. Make sure the poll is relevant to audience interests as well as your own interests, and include an element of fun, even if it’s only through the wording of your questions. As an additional incentive, you could provide a unique offer for completion of the poll, such as a discount voucher or a free online resource like an eBook or high-quality white paper.

If your poll is both interesting and rewarding, then this form of interactive content will have the potential to grow naturally through user shares on social media and other platforms. All you need to do is take a look at one of BuzzFeed’s interactive quizzes to see just how successful an online poll can be.

Building Stronger Relationships with Interactive Content

Interactive ContentWith a fun and exciting poll, a simple game on your website, or even an interactive product configurator or financial calculator, you will be planting the seeds of strong and rewarding relationships with your audience. When your interactive content can be shared on other platforms, you can increase engagement exponentially, and there’s even a chance that your content could go viral. Individual users will associate the positive experience with your brand, which will only benefit your future growth.

Interactive content could replace many aspects of your existing content, particularly when it comes to configurators and calculators. Consider the case of a furniture company that sells customized pieces. Listing individual products, materials, and finishes could take hundreds of words of text, with a significant amount of scrolling, page loading, and backtracking for customers. An interactive configurator with a visual representation of a customized furniture item is more engaging, it provides a better user experience, and it could lead to increased sales for the furniture producer. A similar case could be applied to different businesses, illustrating just how important and effective interactive content can be.

If you’re not already using interactive content, then it’s time to start. A relevant, unique, and compelling text is still just as important as it is with static content, so you’ll need to rely on a team of writers who possess extensive experience and insight into the content marketing industry. For interactive content ideas, as well as traditional content for all aspects of your online presence, rely on LowPriceArticles for your content strategy.