10 Simple Steps Will Increase Your Social Media Shares

Social media platforms are perfect for sharing your content and growing your audience. With literally billions of people using social media shares every day, the potential viewership that you can gain is something that can’t be ignored. Like any aspect of content marketing, understanding the best way to use social media will be essential, and we’ve prepared these simple and actionable tips that will help you to start utilizing social media today, by encouraging the shares that you need to engage new people.

1. Add Social Sharing Buttons Directly to Your Blog Posts

You don’t have to rely solely on your own social media posts to get more shares and likes. To get people sharing directly from your own page, make sure that you give them a simple way to do it. Adding social media buttons to the top and bottom of your blog posts will ensure that your readers are quickly able to share to Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network that you’ve enabled. Make sure that your share buttons are prominent, eye catching, and incorporated into your overall web design/user experience.If you want to make social buttons as simple as possible, then try a sharing plugin like

http://Social Warfare

2. Use Simple Links Throughout Your Content

Increase the likelihood of your audience sharing by adding simple share links in the body of your content. After a particularly important paragraph or insight, you can use a simple tool like

http://Share Link Generator

to add basic sharing code into your site with some persuasive anchor text.

3. Understand how Social Proof Works

Social proof is the concept that more users are likely to share content when they can see it performing well. If your latest blog post already has a healthy amount of shares on its first day, then your audience will be more likely to click your share buttons. However, social proof works both ways, with audiences being less likely to share when your share count is low.If you haven’t yet received a healthy amount of shares on your content, then hide your share count. It takes away a subtle but important influence that could prevent your content from trending on social networks.

4.Encourage Sharing Media Shares Through Your Email Newsletters

You can use share links in your email to get people sharing before they’ve even landed on your latest blog post. Encouragement is more than just adding a simple share button, but should also incorporate a simple call to action. When encouraging sharing, use a simple phrase like: If you think your friends and colleagues will love this article, share the link with them here.It’s a simple line of encouragement that will bring much more success than the generic click here to share links.

5. Make Sure Your Content is Worth Sharing

You can perform all of the behind the scenes work to make sharing easier, but if you don’t have the right content then you’re never going to achieve the results that you want. Content should be interesting and social media–friendly. Lists, in depth articles, and how–to guides, are all examples of content that is regularly shared on social media. Make sure you’re developing the best content possible, so that people feel good about sharing it.

6. Look for News and Current Events to Make Trending Posts

Social media largely revolves around trends and current events. Whenever possible, try to develop your content based on trending topics, or find a way to relate your content to something that people are currently interested in. This can help to generate shares and interest from people who might not have otherwise engaged with your brand.

7. Try Curating Content to Grow Your Audience

If you can’t release fresh content as often as you would like, then you could curate and share content that is complementary to your own. Sharing high quality content can increase your overall social media following, which will then mean there’s a larger audience for your own unique posts.

8. Use Eye Catching Images to Make Posts More Appealing

Social networks emphasize visual content, and the best looking content is also more appealing for users who are scrolling through a news feed on a computer or smartphone. Clean, bright, and eye catching images will result in more social media shares than posts that don’t include images. Always create relevant images, and consider adding a vibrant text title into the image so that people can understand what your content is, even when scrolling a busy news feed.

9. Make the Key Points Obvious and Easy to Digest

Text on a social media post should be brief but highly informative. Sharing to social media will then generate shares from users, as long as they can grasp the theme of your content from a short blurb or excerpt on your post. Write custom social media blurbs that include what the content is it about, who it is for, and why it is valuable.

10. Make Your Headlines Work for You

A good headline will increase user engagement and encourage sharing. Writing powerful headlines will also help your content to become more appealing, even outside of social media. A good headline grabs attention and compels someone to keep reading. Try to write headlines that are unique and that create urgency. Hair Transplant Surgery for Male Pattern Baldness – This headline is technically sound, but ineffective at garnering interest.Losing Your Hair? With Transplantation You Can Grow It Back! – With this headline we’ve connected to the reader on an emotional level, and created a sense of urgency while suggesting something that is actionable.Be colorful with your headlines, but avoid heavy hype style headlines if you don’t have the content to back them up.

Use These Simple Tips and See Your Social Media Shares Grow

It won’t be difficult to incorporate all of these tips into your content strategy. By making small changes to the way you produce and share your content, you can enjoy the benefits of a growing social media audience that will drive traffic back to your blog pages.If you are lacking in terms of content to share, then you can work with the team at Low Price Articles to create unique and niche relevant content that can be used to promote your brand. Talk to us today about ordering website blog content, short form social media content, or any kind of custom content for your online marketing.