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Keep it Interesting: Finding the Best Topics for Your Business Blogs

When content is critical to your online marketing effort, it’s only natural that you should use the best possible topics when you are planning your business blogs. Topics and themes will guide your content in a way that allows you to keep things fresh and interesting. Your blog topics also need to be relevant to your niche, so that you can provide value to your audience while also stamping your authority on the market.If you’ve been struggling with ways to come up with blog topics for your business, then these simple tips can allow you to discover the best topics, sometimes from resources that you might not have considered in the past.

What Kind of Questions Are Being Asked by Your Community?

If you’re stuck for topic ideas, look to your community to find the most common questions and concerns that they have. You can use the comments sections on your blogs, comments on your social media posts, or even comments from your competitor’s blogs and social media accounts.Your audience will have a range of questions, concerns, needs, and desires. Some of these you may not be meeting with your current blogs or even your core product offering. Learning about what your audience is looking for will help you to create blog topics that directly address them, and you could even take this information to help improve your core offering.When you’ve finished a new blog that is based on a unique customer need or question, then you can directly engage with those customers on social media to promote the blog and your brand.

Take Inspiration from a Competitor or Influencer

Inspiration photoWho are your influences in the content marketing industry? Better yet, who are your competitors. Looking at articles from the most successful businesses in your niche can help you to find topic ideas that you might have missed within your own organization. Finding inspiration from market influencers is not a bad thing, and it’s not even frowned upon. The only requirement is that you find the best ideas and repurpose them for your own content. Try to take a selection of the most popular blog topics from competitors and influencers. See which articles are getting the most traffic and shares, and find out what is unique about these articles. Take these concepts, and try and adapt them into your own work, or at least take their format and style as inspiration for your next topic. Seeing the industry trends will give you tens if not hundreds of ideas for your own topics, and you’ll have success for these as long as you’re willing to put in the time to make them your own.

As Somebody Involved in the Industry, What Is It That You Want to Learn About?

Let’s say that you’ve been researching blog topics, maybe some from your competitors, but you can’t find something interesting that gets you excited about blogging. It’s fairly safe to say that if a topic doesn’t get you excited, then it’s unlikely to excite your audience. Instead of trying to take an idea from somewhere else, sometimes you have to create an idea that doesn’t yet exist. What is it that you want to learn about? You’re living your industry every day, so you’re literally right in the middle of your audience’s sphere of interest. Learn about a new concept, a new marketing process, or even a new style of product, and then research it extensively and create a blog about it. You’ll be able to create relevant content that is completely original, and having something fresh will help to differentiate you from the competition.

Take an Overused Buzzword or Cliché and Give it a New Angle

We’ve all seen the overused clichés in content marketing that just won’t seem to die. “Mobile search is the future of marketing”, “Content is king”, “IoT will change how we live”. Even when the clichés are true, they still become stale and frustrating, not only for you, but for audiences as well. Nobody is looking for the next article explaining that mobile is now the most popular way to search (this has been true since at least 2015), but they will be interested in an article that takes a cliché and flips it to create a new and interesting topic. Remaining with the mobile search theme, it’s possible to find examples within the general topic that would allow for new and informative blogs. A marketing professional would want to know that 72% of all Food & Beverage search comes from mobile, or that only 48% of Real Estate search originates from mobile devices. By finding new angles for familiar and clichéd topics, you can impart new and specific information on an audience that is oversaturated with generic posts.

Finding Blog Topics Doesn’t Need to be a Struggle

Struggle photoWith these four strategies alone, you’ll be able to start discovering new topics right away, allowing you to create compelling blog content that audiences will want to read.As you approach your new topics, remember that consistency and regular volume is key. If you’re struggling to keep up with a regular posting schedule on top of running other aspects of your business, then partnering with professional content marketers can help. At Low Price Articles, we offer expert blog writing services with content that is tailored to your brand and niche, and we can even provide blog management services to take care of your topic creation, publishing, optimization, and even image sourcing.If you’re ready to get started with a faster and more efficient way to develop powerful marketing content, simply contact us today or start ordering online now.

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