Are Multi Image Facebook Posts Effective?

Social media has risen in recent years to become a dominant platform for brand marketing. Getting things right in a social media marketing campaign will be hugely influential on the success of a business, and understanding the type of content that gets noticed should be the first goal of any business owner or marketer. Social media platforms are highly visual and it is widely accepted (and proven through statistics) that images will help social media posts to be more successful. However, there’s more to it than simply adding an image to your next post, and many businesses are now choosing the multi image approach. The question for any small business owner, is whether or not multi image posts are able to increase the impact and reach.

Multi Image: Evidence from Internet Marketers

The largest and most successful brands rely on professionally produced video clips more than they do on images. The use of short form video is an increasingly important trend that can appeal to mobile users. On a small budget, multi-image posts will be more cost effective, and will still provide a significant improvement in post reach. Leading digital marketing influencer Jon Loomer provided an impressive in-depth analysis of multi image posts in one of his own publications. The biggest takeaway from his investigation was that multi-image posts are almost certain to increase reach and engagement. In his examples, a medium sized Facebook page with 5k – 10k followers experienced a reach increase of over 260% when using multi image posts. For a larger apparel brand with followers in the 20k -40k range, organic reach was increased by 280% when compared to single image posts. All of today’s leading social media marketers will agree that multi image posts are effective. If you’re looking for a way to increase your reach, especially with a smaller or new brand, then changing your format to multi-image posts is a simple change that will require virtually no additional investment in time or money.

Is There a Limit to How Many Photos You Should Use?

For most small business marketers, adding two images to a text post will be sufficient to increase reach. However, in some cases, sharing photo albums can be an effective way to capture attention and to increase time on page. Apparel brands like Under Armour and Nike use multi image albums to great effect, often when showcasing products or events, and there are thousands of other brands that do the same. On your own social media accounts, aim for at least two images per regular post. This allows for the best layout on both desktop and mobile devices. For special product releases or any other post that will rely heavily on visual media, sharing of a larger photo album can be used to increase reach and engagement.

Multi Image

Engagement is Perhaps More Important Than Reach

When looking at the data from your social media presence, post reach will be a key statistic. Impressions can lead to brand awareness and increased consumer mindshare. When tracking reach, you should also make it a priority to track engagement. Perhaps even more important than reach, engagement through shares and comments will facilitate more meaningful interactions with your audience. You’ll gain the opportunity to have conversations with potential customers, and you’ll be able to learn more about your market. For such a small change to make within your overall marketing strategy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start using multi image posts today. Visual marketing helps you to get noticed on social media (and any platform), but it is your content that will carry your key messages and create leads and drive sales. If you’re ready to start developing high quality web content for social media, blogs, and your business website, get in touch with Low Price Articles for professional writers and content that generates results.