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What did Steve Jobs Teach Us About Content Marketing?

One of the strongest indicators of a powerful legacy is how industry leaders can leave an impression, even well after their time.It has been more than half a decade since Steve Jobs left the world, but his influence remains strong in all areas of business, particularly in marketing and the tech industry. While you may not be a fan of the products that Steve Jobs developed, and you may not even agree with all of his business decisions, it’s safe to say that everyone can agree that when he was at his best; he was a marketing genius.If you’re thinking about ways to improve your content marketing or even your overall branding and business structure, then there are three key lessons that you can take from the successful career of one of the world’s most influential people.

“Don’t Ask Before You Take Action” Steve Jobs

Most consumers and even some in the industry aren’t aware that Steve Jobs (and other Apple innovators) often borrowed ideas from other companies. Today, it could even be argued that Apple is more of an improvement company than an innovative one. For an example, just try and think of the last time that Apple released something that was absolutely unique in the market! The point is that inspiration can come from anywhere, and sometimes you need to take a risk instead of giving up on a great idea. The iPhone name was taken from a Cisco product that never made a splash on the market. Steve Jobs took the name and combined it with a groundbreaking product, making it an inseparable aspect of Apple’s brand. In content marketing, not every idea that you have will be original, but you do need to take that idea and turn it into something that uniquely represents your brand. Take a concept and see how it relates to your products or services. Find out how you can relate that concept to your audience, and use it as a key element in a blog or newsletter. As long as your passion and personality comes through, and as long as you do things in a way that creates unique value for your market, then borrowing ideas will never be a wrong move.

It’s Important to Have Competition in Content Marketing

Steve Jobs was famous for reminding the world that Microsoft and Bill Gates were Apple’s biggest rivals. At times the competition between the two companies and men was fierce, and at other times they even collaborated to share products and technology. Steve had an excellent point: to be truly driven as a business person, you need to have strong competition. Knowing your competition is essential in content marketing. Keeping up with what your competition is doing will allow you to strive to do things better. You can design products and services that your competition is unable to, and you can create content that your competitors are failing to produce. Even if you look back to the first lesson, you’ll see that competition can be a source for ideas. It is often said that competition is good for the consumer. That’s only half of the story, because with strong competition, you as a business owner will benefit, too.

It’s All or Nothing. Develop Every Piece of Content to be Exceptional

Any time that you read about content marketing, you’ll be regularly hit with the message that quality content is important. This will always remain true, and it’s something that should never be taken lightly. Steve Jobs was an incredibly driven individual who had a clear idea of where he wanted to take his companies and the products that they developed. While he had a passion for technology, he also had an unbreakable desire to make technology simple, elegant, concise, and accessible from a UX point of view.You can learn from his personality by also having a clear vision in your mind, and always aiming for exceptional content, no matter what. Remember, content is a part of your brand and is hugely influential on whether or not consumers will choose to do business with you. When you make the effort to ensure that every piece of content is well researched, well written, and that it contains powerful messages that your audience can relate to, then you’ll continue to see a positive return on investment for every piece of content that you publish.

Get the Best Content Possible from a Company That Knows Great Content Strategy

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