Things You Should Add to Your Blog to Make It Convert Better

Content marketing is much deeper than simply publishing a site and keeping it updated. A structured approach is necessary if you want to not only engage your audience but make conversions to build a more responsive customer base. While producing content in its simplest form can be relatively easy, knowing the right content to use that brings conversions will require some research. To get you started with actionable tips that you can use right away, these are some of the most effective strategies that can allow you to convert better with your blog and website today.

Convert Better

Value Proposition

A leading reason for not being able to convert is that your audience can’t find the true value proposition of what you’re offering. It’s not enough to simply list or detail your products and services to convert better, so you’ll also need to connect with your audience on an emotional and needs-based level. Rather than just defining what your products or services are, go into more detail on the solutions they provide and why customers need them. Find out what is lacking in your niche, and articulate why your offering is a superior solution.

Include a Call to Action on Every Page, and Test It

A clear and compelling call to action is essential when converting your passive audience into engaged customers. You can test different calls to action on your blogs and other unique pages, and determine the type that works best for you. HubSpot marketing research indicates that the best calls to action will create urgency, use verbal imagery, use contrasting colors to the main text, and will include a clickable element to convert better.

Having a link to a purchase page or other key aspect of your sales funnel will be most important here. A powerful call to action has the potential to increase conversions by more than 100% over your previous rate, so this is one area that you don’t want to ignore.

How Writing Powerful Headlines Helps to Convert Better

A headline gives you around 8 seconds to capture the attention of your audience. If your headline is weak, if it doesn’t explain what your content relates to, or if it is poorly written and unclear, then you’re going to lose attention and some readers will not even continue through to the rest of your content.

Write multiple headlines for single articles, social media posts, and other forms of content will help to convert better. When possible, perform split testing to find the headline that gets the best conversion rate, and uses this as a basis for all future headlines.

Practice Efficiency with Your Forms

Web forms are used for everything from consumer surveys, to mailing list sign-ups, and even purchasing checkout. If you want to keep people on your page and convert them into valuable customers, then your forms need to be simple and efficient.

Determine how much information you actually need. For a mailing list, a name and email address are all you should be asking for. At checkout, you only need to collect the information that ensures you can deliver your product or service while complying with any legal requirements. A number of companies are learning that sign-up is not always required for purchase, so consider adding a guest checkout option for people who are pressed for time.

Add Live Chat to Your Site

According to online retailer statistics, the addition of live chat on your website can increase your conversion rate by up to 350%. A buyer’s decision-making process is complex and includes frequent points of objection. Your content won’t always meet every objection or answer every question that a consumer has, so adding live chat support can help you to address concerns during the purchasing process, allowing you to guide customers towards a confirmed sale.

Ensure that your chat system is robust, with a callback feature available for when no chat agent is online. Following every lead is another important strategy that will help to boost your conversions. We use LiveChat Inc. and love it.

Make the Switch to Responsive Design

Responsive DesignSince 2015, mobile searches have outnumbered those performed on desktop, and this is true for all major markets. For your business, this means that a significant amount of your traffic will originate from mobile devices. A poor user experience on mobile will be a sure way to turn prospects away and damage your conversion growth. With new web design philosophies, you don’t need to maintain individual desktop and mobile sites and can instead move to a responsive website design strategy that ensures your user experience scales to different devices and screen sizes. Responsive design is more efficient, reduces your investment in web design and development, and provides a seamless experience for your audience.

Research suggests that a quality mobile user experience can double your conversion rate, proving that a focus on responsive design is a smart investment. Did you know that Low Price Articles has a staff of web designers and developers? We do! So if you need to convert your website to a responsive design, please reach out to us through our support form with information about your site and we’ll whip up a quote for you!

Be Smarter with Your Purchase Buttons and Links

Purchase Buttons and LinksAre you leaving your purchase links at the bottom of your pages? Increasing the frequency and optimizing the position of your purchase buttons could potentially double your conversion rate. You should include links near the top, in the middle, and at the bottom of any page text. Purchase links should accompany specific references to products, services, and offers, and even changing the wording of a link could boost your conversions. Traditional wording such as ‘buy now’ can seem like cold solicitation, whereas phrases like ‘get started here’ or ‘create your order’ are seen as softer and more likely to influence click-through and conversion.

All of these tips are actionable now, and many represent small tweaks that you can make to your web design and content strategy. Testing will be key, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different options throughout your various pages and sales funnels.

If you’re looking for the highest quality content that incorporates these strategies and many other proven conversion strategies, then look no further than LowPriceArticles. With a team of expert content marketers and professional writers, we can help you develop a stronger content strategy that focuses on building a responsive audience, leading to increased conversions and business growth.