We’re Starting a Blog!


Over the years, we’ve received a few support tickets and phone calls asking us why we didn’t have a blog like every other company that sells content. Well… to be honest, we never thought we needed one. We’ve built our successful business on word of mouth marketing and client referrals. Plus, once SEO agencies started to try our service, our business really took off! So, spending time on a blog just seemed fruitless to us.

It wasn’t until recently that we started to realize that it was pretty selfish of us not to help our clients and others who can benefit from content marketing tips, SEO strategies, social media techniques and any other marketing concepts you can think of.  People come to us on a daily basis for content but some of them don’t know how to get the most out of it. It only seems right for us to help everyone in need. After all, that’s why we started Low Price Articles. To help people who needed great content at affordable prices.

Today, we’re happy to report that WE’VE STARTED A BLOG! Yay! Some of you might be saying, “whoop dee do”, while rolling your eyes. Others might be jumping for joy! Well… that’s a stretch but it’s kinda fun to think someone would be that happy about our blog. Anyway… we will start posting tips, tricks and strategies on a weekly basis to help you succeed on the web. It can be a scary place out there but rest knowing that the Low Price Articles Team has your back.

We’re kicking off our blog with a post on “How to Promote Your Blog”. Seems fitting, right? We’ve compiled a list of 45 simple tips that you can use right away, to start getting more qualified traffic to your website. Going forward, we’ll be sending out email notifications when new blog posts are live. If you’re not on our email list yet, you can sign up here and we’ll also show you How to Rank Your Website in 10 Easy Steps. 🙂

Until then, have an awesome day!