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Tips for Content Curation on Social Media

There’s a lot to be said about custom content for growing your business. In fact, unique content marketing should be the backbone of your online marketing strategy. While you should never stop posting compelling and original content, there’s nothing to stop you from using curated content to help increase your reach and engage with your audience.Content curation can be a tricky business, and can actually work against you if you get things wrong. Understanding how content curation works and following some widely accepted best practices will help you to get the most out of your efforts.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation, in the broadest term, is the act (some might call it an art) of discovering interesting and unique content from other producers and sharing it with your own audience. While it might seem counterintuitive or even bad business sense to promote content that isn’t yours, there are actually a number of benefits that you can gain from incorporating content curation into your marketing strategy.

How Will It Benefit Your Business?

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The leading reason for any marketer to take up content curation is that they’re unable to produce enough unique social media content for their own brand. Social media audiences are hungry for information and posts that they can share throughout their own networks. By curating high-quality content from other producers, you can ensure that your brand is still active in front of your followers, even if you are sending some of that traffic away to a third party. Keeping up with social media posting frequency can be a monumental task. The best marketers publish up to 15 times a day on a network like Twitter. They then throw in another two posts on Facebook every single day, and if they’re posting on Google+ and LinkedIn then that would add another two to three posts every day. If you add it up, you’re looking at 105 tweets, 14 Facebook posts, 14 Google+ posts, and 7 LinkedIn posts, and that’s just for a single week! If you have a large marketing team, then it’s relatively easy to keep up with that kind of posting frequency. However, if you’re like most small to medium sized business owners, then much of your marketing will be performed by yourself, or with the help of a single marketing assistant. For most people, it’s simply too much to keep up with. Content curation solves the issue. You can increase your followers without having to worry about producing mountains of content in the meanwhile. Once you’re ready to ramp up your own content production, you’ll have the follower base already, and you can begin to phase out your curated content.

How Can You Use Content Curation Without Devaluing Your Brand?

Because the aim of content curation is to grow your networks so that you have a larger audience for your own content, you need to make sure that your curated content is relevant to your brand. Sending your audience to your direct competitors is not ideal, so you should instead look for content that is complementary to your niche, or find content that is not in any way related to a sales and marketing program. The content you curate needs to be of high quality, from reputable sources, and you should avoid ‘clickbait’ content mills or other sources that would create a nuisance for your audience. Even your own Facebook business page can be a great place to source high quality content. Pages feed is a unique Facebook feature that displays content differently to your news feed. Instead of seeing content from all of your connections, you’ll see content from pages that you’re connected to through social media activity. If you’re regularly liking, sharing, and following pages of influencers who produce high quality content, then this can be a great place to source links for your next curated post. You’ll also be able to find content on your other networks like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and any other trusted resources that are related to your niche.When sharing curated content, don’t simply give your audience a link. Add some commentary to your post, include hashtags to make your post searchable, and you can even tag the original content producer. Curation can help you to build relationships with publishers in your niche, and a large professional network may benefit you in the future. Whenever you find content that you want to share, stick to the golden rules of it being relevant, interesting, and valuable to your audience.

Curation is a Smart Choice for Growing Businesses

If you place a lot of value on social media and want to continually build an audience without investing hours in content, then curation will be an important part of your strategy. Remember that even when you do share curated content, you’ll need to supplement it with your own high quality content, and partnering with professional content writers is the best and most cost effective way to get the original content that you need.Whether you’re looking for short social media posts, comprehensive blogs for posting on your main site, or even a combination of both, you can rely on Low Price Articles for consistently high quality content that is aligned to your brand and image.