Use These 5 Free Tools to Create Infographics


If you’re looking to diversify your content by providing a combination of text and visuals, then you could gain a lot of value from using infographics. These specialized images can be used as a quick and effective way to convey key information, and they can work well in support of your existing articles, or they could even be used for posting on social media.

Infographics reached mainstream popularity in the early-2010s when more than 62% of companies with an online presence were using them. In the early days, not every company had the resources or talent to create effective infographics, but this has all changed with the availability of a number of key resources.

If the only thing holding you back from using infographics is a lack of experience in making them, then you’ll love the following free infographic tools.

Google Charts

Google Charts is a simple web based tool that allows you to create key resources that can be used in your infographics. Charts available range from the classic Pie Chart, to Scatter Plots and Tree Maps. Whatever kind of data you want to present; you can bet that you’ll find the ideal chart on Google’s free software.

This is a great solution if you have some design experience and you don’t mind manually creating charts that you can later put into your own larger infographic.


Google Charts works perfectly for those who have some existing experience in design and layout, but isn’t ideal for absolute beginners. Infogram is an excellent solution if you need to do everything in one place. Free access is offered for basic membership which will give you access to some of the most essential tools including 37 chart types, 10 map types, and up to 3 pages of charts per infographic project.

This is a great tool if you don’t make infographics frequently and don’t need some of the advanced features. There are paid tiers that offer more chart types and better features, which start from $19 per month. There’s great value to be had if you’re a marketer that regularly creates infographics for your own pages and clients.


Visme is another option and one of our favorites at Low Price Articles. This one again allows for free access while also offering paid tiers for professional users. This is one of the most intuitive infographics creators that we’ve worked with and is ideal for absolute beginners or anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time designing an attractive layout.

Another reason this is one of the best solutions out there is that paid access is highly affordable. For $15 a month pro users can work on up to 15 different infographics with 250MB of on-site storage. The Visme branding is completely removed at this tier and you will get access to all charts and widgets. If you make infographics infrequently but need the additional paid features, then $15 is reasonable to get professional and eye-catching infographics.

Infographics Maker by Canva

Canva’s creator is one of the fastest and easiest to use and free access provides everything that you would need to create professional layouts. Even the standard layouts are amongst the best that we’ve seen, and they are helpfully categorized so that you can find something ideal for your niche and for the specific infographic that you want to make.

In addition to infographics, Canva is useful for making highly visual documents for use as marketing collateral. Layouts are also useful for eye catching social media posts that combine text and graphics. By subscribing to a professional account you will also get access to 300,000 photos and illustrations that can be used freely in your designs.

When using the service for free your infographics will be watermarked, however, you can pay to remove the watermark on a per-infographic basis. Each time you’ll pay $1 USD, which makes this one of the most affordable options out there. If you’re only making an infographic once a month, or even once every few months, then this option is highly recommended.


Rounding off our list we have Venngage, a tool that is similar to both Infogram and Visme in terms of pricing, ease of use, and value. This is one that we would lean towards for business users who need to produce multiple infographics and other documents every month. The $49 subscription allows for complete freedom of branding and offers all available premium charts, icons, and tools. There’s also a $19 package available for professional users who don’t need all of the additional templates and tools.

For the most basic functionality, there’s a free option available that will include Venngage branding on your infographics and includes limited templates and tool support.

You Still Need High Quality Written Content to Market Your Brand Online

Infographics are highly engaging and can complement your other content marketing strategies, however, it’s important that you don’t use infographics exclusively in place of standard blog posts and social media articles.

Infographics can’t be effectively optimized for SEO, they aren’t useful for visually impaired users who rely on narration, and they require more bandwidth than a well optimized page of text with compressed images.

Use infographics to boost your content and your web presence, and rely on Low Price Articles whenever you need written blog posts, effective sales copy, or articles for any purpose. Simple no-membership ordering and the best pricing for businesses is available today.